‘It’s a wrap!’ Filming for the movie The Jungle School now completed.

‘It’s a wrap!’

'It's a Wrap!' with Butet, Riri, and Pia on the jungle film set of Sokola Rimba

‘It’s a Wrap!’ with Butet, Riri, and Pia on the jungle film set of Sokola Rimba

The movie adaptation of Butet Manurung’s The Jungle school has now progressed to the post production stage. Director Riri Riza, Producer Mira Lesmana, cast, crew and support team spent three weeks on location in and around the jungles of Jambi Sumatra before filming concluded at the Manurung family home in Kranji, Jakarta on July 13. The Orang Rimba children of whom the story is centred, managed to charm all who were involved. This was no surprise to those who know them well. In any case, the natural charm and comedic antics of Bungo, Nankabau, Beinda and friends is bound to ‘steal the show’. Could the ease to which many of the Orang Rimba took to acting be partly explained by the cultural quirk that bounds them under certain social circumstances to express particular emotions on demand?.

Author of The Jungle School, Butet Manurung was on location for almost the entire shoot and all founding members of SOKOLA were reunited for the final days of filming in the jungle. Butet, who needed to be evacuated from the Jungle due to a medical emergency is forever grateful to her very professional and good humoured rescuers Adhe, Bule, TG and friends, who also provided full logistical support to the entire cast and crew while on location in the Jungle.

The Jungle School (Movie), Starring Prisia Nasution, Nadhira Suryadi, Rukman Rosadi and the Orang Rimba is scheduled for release in Indonesian cinemas on November 21, 2013.