Our Film Crew is Welcomed in the Jungle by a Python!

Python For Dinner! 23 June 2013.

Python For Dinner!

Python For Dinner!


The first day of shooting in the jungle, the film crew was welcomed by a python, a snake hunted by Beranya, an Orang Rimba. It was almost 4 meters length. Those who wanted to try the meat, were served it for dinner! Ranging from python, monitor lizards (biawak), wild boar, deer, mouse deer (kancil), frogs, and birds, during the weeks of shooting, the team continued to be provided with a variety of game hunted by Orang Rimba.






Bellow are some pictures from the shooting:


Pia with Nengkabaw and Beindah

Prisia (Pia) acts as Butet! Quickly adjusting to rimba lifestyle, Pia studied the rimba language and dialect quite well during her short time in the jungle. Salute! …And the kids love her.




This time, Butet walked everywhere in the jungle to see the shooting, with a stick, but sometimes people took turns to carry me. By the tenth day, the infection on my ankle had worsened, a complication with malaria. The photo below was taken just a minute before the bad headache, fever and tremble knocked me down, forcing me to have to get evacuated by a hand barrow, made by Rimba kids Pengendum, Mijak, Beconteng and camp managers: Adhe Suraatmaja, TG and friends, from two sarongs, stick and rope. Butet’s dear husband and best friends, the co-founders of Sokola, were also there. It was a sentimental moment for her as it was possible that Butet could die – luckily, she didn’t!


Butet Get's Rescued



Butet was carried for several kilometers, managed to get out of the jungle, arrived at 10 pm to get hospitalized in hospital, Bangko for 5 days. The photo below shows some of the visitors to Butet’s hospital room – amongst other people, she was visited by the person whom rescued her, and the camp manager crew. An expensive lesson learnt: do not underestimate a wound, especially when you do not get good nutrition and hygiene.





Everyone looked to enjoy their days in jungle. On the last day, the kids and the crew were sad to say goodbye to each other.





The last day of film shooting was scheduled at Butet home, on the 13th July. Pia, Butet, Indit and Nadhira (act as Indit) took a photo together. Butet was first introduced to Prisia Nasution by Riri Riza 2 months before, on May 7th at this same location, at home, in Kranji Bekasi. According to Butet, some of her friends protested, they said Pia is too pretty to act as Butet! LOL!